Placeholder for the start.

Blog to discuss and compile rules for the MetaGame. If this starts to take the form of a real game, pieces can be pulled out and saved into a more rules-like format at a website somewhere. Eventually, some links for similar games and useful resources will be added, too. For now all is default.

Some early topics for discussion could include:
– Characters. Who are the PCs and what do we want them to be? Should they be rulers of great lands, or aristocratic nobles with titles and positions (courtiers in a ruler’s court), or even lower classes (soldiers and guildsmen and the like)? How scalable should the game be? (Should it extend from guild captains in a town up to kings and emperors, or is there a narrower targeted level at which it is appropriate toplay this game?) Is there anyone a character cannot (or should not) be {peasant, slave, etc. – I would think so}? What parts of the character do we want to address in the game? (What stats for a character should we include – if any?) Should it be possible to overlay this on another game, so that it could be used with a C&S campaign or with a D&D campaign or any other game.

– Setting. I like the anti-magical approach. Deal with it as a pure political game, and let the other elements be introduced by others. Does the game require a historical period to be built in? Can it span from Mesopotamia to Colonial America, or does it need more internalized structure?

– NPCs. What are they and how do they function. This is obviously an important part of the game, and needs to have a large chunk of rules devoted to it. But how much flexibility can be built in so that it remains unpredictable? Need to prevent gamability.


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