Is the focus on Attention really important to the base game? Maybe the integration with an RPG can address this, but the basic version should deal with administration and strategy at a character-driven level. That is to say, it deals with an individual in a nexus of power, and their operation of that nexus.

In that way, the mechanic of even making Titles act as NPCs takes on an interesting cast.

Let’s say that Wetzelberger is the Mayor of Y.

Rather than that office changing the character of Wetzelberger by providing benefits A, B and C, (ie. Wetzelberger now has powers A, B and C), instead, Wetzelberger acquires the responsibilities and duties of the Office of the Mayor. When he wants to use a power of his office, such as A, B or C, he has to exercise that power through the office.

This needs a good example to explain it. I’ll work on that…


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