Increasing the constabulary in the city.

Wetz. can either ask his friend the Lord Constable to increase the force (which takes personal effort, but does not go through official chanels), or he can send a Mayoral directive through the Office of the Mayor (which does not require personal resources, but involves others).

Taken to another level, Fred the Bishop wants the constabulary increased. Fred has no direct control over Wetz. or over the Lord Constable. Fred has no connection (formal or informal) to the Lord Constable, so he cannot expect success by just asking the LC. He can, however, use his informal connection to the Mayor (Wetz.) to suggest that the constabulary be incresed. (This could be done as a quid pro quo in exchange for some other benefit to Wetz. from the Bishop, or he might bank it as a favor to be repaid later.) Favors should be banked as assets which a character or NPC can call on as needed.


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