BIRTHRIGHT Master List of Actions

Adventure – character adventures
Agitate – increse or decrease target province loyalty
Build – roads, bridges, etc.
Contest – Contest a holding or province
Create Holding – creates a holding (0)
Declare War – allows regent to move armies into foreign lands
Decree – (minor catch all: raise GB w/ tariff, inflicy penalty on aother’s action, minor event, etc.)
Diplomacy – Create or break alliance, open trade agreement, etc.
Disband – Disband army unit
Espionage – Reveal troop movements/positions, investigate plots and intrigues, etc.
Finances – convert personal wealth to GB
Forge Ley Line – magic
Fortify – Create or improve castle
Grant – Dispense largesse, titles, patronage, etc.
Hold Action –
Investiture – Arrange transfer or succession
Lieutenant – Creates a lieutenant
Move Troops – within domain
Muster Armies – create new armies
Ply Trade – Character uses personal skills
Realm Spell – magic
Research – magic spell or create item
Rule – increase level of province or holding
Trade Route – create trade
Training – increase proficiency


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