A draft on Thor’s suggestion for the States Game

There are no secrets among rulers. Information flows out and speculation runs rampant. There are too many sources to tell others what is going on.

Practical implementation:
Based on a Birthright-like implementation, all of a regent’s actions are publicly stated, and known to all regents **unless the player adopts a direct cloak of secrecy about an action or project**. If a player opts for secrecy, it costs time, money, attention, material, etc. to maintain secrecy. And other players’ spies can still attempt to breach that secrecy.

The larger the organizational level, the fewer secrets there are. Emperors have no secrets at all, dukes may have one or two secrets, barons may be able to keep at least some of their affairs from public knowledge, etc.

Acclaim – a level of power and prestige. The higher your Acclaim, the more that others know about you and what you are doing and planning. On the other hand, Acclaim is worth many perks and goodies. This is just one of its costs.


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