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August 15, 2002


There is a differrentiation of levels of conflict that spells out who fights and who doesn’t fight. These levels have other ramifications as well. (Who can keep secrets and who can’t, to cite the earlier article, for example.)

It occurred to me that, even if they hated each other passionately, Luxembourg and Leichtenstein would never go to war against one another. They don’t play at that level. It’s not a distance issue; England and Argentina went to war over the Falklands, so proximity is not a requirement.

Maybe it’s not a matter of Acclain (which is more suited for the Character level) but rather a matter of levels of power.

Emperors and kings have level X power. Dukes and counts have level Y (Y = X-2). Royal dukes and other possible pretenders to the throne are closer to X-1.

Perhaps a strong Duke of Leichtenstein could make a play against Austria. Not with a hope of conquering it, but to gain advantage, expand land, etc. X-1 can compete with X.