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November 4, 2004

Who are the characters?

Full Romans
Those that are left behind but weren’t born in Briton
Client State Soldiers
Again those who for whatever reason were left behind
Brythonic Romans
Citizens of Rome who were British by birth the speak a form of Latin that has celtic cognates. This will be the common tongue
P-celts those early britons who have not adopted the British lifestyle there are something like 15 tribes that have very different feelings about the Romans and each other
two maybey three different peoples north of the wall. Very different religion from the rest.
C-Celts bunches of tribes like the picts but with a more celtic view of the world
Big German Guys with bad breath.


November 3, 2004



November 2, 2004

Here’s my latest clever idea, which might fit in extremely well with some of
the other things you were trying to accomplish in the Roman Britain campaign:
Character-based rules. You’re under-whelmed; okay. I’ll explain…

Rather than having a player’s handbook (which is basically a Program), and each
character as a set of Data that define the character, each character is
instead, partly, a Program. How my character can impact on the World and how
interfacing with the World affects my character is determined not by a general
set of rules about characters, but rather by my character’s own unique set of

The advantage to this would be that a Roman character who was schooled by Greek
scholars would be controlled by a system of the four humors. But a druid would
have completely different influences and controls. The Roman might not be able
to do anything if his humors were out of balance, but the druid would only need
to get some mistletoe and he’d be right as rain. And the Picts would be
completely different from either.

The whole clash of cultures then becomes more pronounced, because each group is
operating according to its own rules. At the sme time, can a Roman physician
cure a wounded druid? (Probably so, but not nearly as quickly or as well as
druidic magic would.)

There’s a lot of difficulty in the interface here. How do we coordinate between
different characters? How is combat accomplished? I don’t know if this would
even work, or if it becomes too much of a headache, and too much overhead for a
GM to be able to balance. But that’s what the development curve is for.

I started out just wanting to suggest going back to the Roman Britain setting
because I liked it. Then I was going to suggest bringing back the 4 humors.
And suddenly, the idea of the character-based rules came back to me, and it
suddenly struck me how well it would fit.