The 20 x 20 Room has a posting which cites an article on Enhancing Your Descriptions.

My thoughts on this article are not as positive as Neel’s:

My first impression of this article was pretty negative.

The extensive discussion about color (spectrum) is totally misplaced. A textual description (GM narrating a description to a group of players) does not convey visual information in the same way as actually seeing the scene would. Actual visual contrast is one thing. But when conveyed in speech, “red” or “green” or “yellow” or “orange” or “grey” are all equally different from “blue”. We do not convert verbal description to visual imagery so automatically. The GM telling me “You walk into a green room” does not have the same effect as the GM showing me a picture of a green room (and even less so my actually walking into a green room in person)..

I would ignore all but the last section (The Mood), and even there, it can be pared down considerably.

To pay attention to the important elements, and give descriptions in that way is useful. I think the author makes his case better in the “murder-scene” example. What is important, to use his own words, is to portray the forest, rather than to describe the individual trees that are present.


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