Feral Cities

Is this a gameworthy concept?


It isn’t nearly as interesting as the title might suggest. It seems rather
thin overall. This is a document out of the Navy War College, so it has some particular slant to it.

Still, the concept does resonate. And I think that it has real traction for
gaming purposes. It just needs to be developed a bit further in that

This is the kind of thing that needs to be better supported in gaming, though.
To have a city that works in this way to use as a gaming setting needs a lot of
support for the GM so that it behaves in somewhat predictable ways. Even if it
has parts that are predictably unpredictable.


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  1. thor Says:

    The idea fo feral cities is close in many aspects to the things which make the Roman Briton campaing resonate for me. The idea that there are many factions all of which are out to get you and which you have a limited capacity to get information about. In a “City Come A Walkin'” sort of way the idea that the city itself is a threat to the players is a natural outgrowth the feral city.

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