Costikyan: Game Development Lexicon Wiki?


From Greg Costikyan’s blog

I’m considering launching a wiki to provide a lexicon for game developers.

Backstory: There’s been considerable discussion over the years about the need for a shared vocabulary for game design (see here f’rinstance), and its starting to emerge. UT/Austin has a project to develop such a lexicon, but it uses traditional research principles, which strikes me as extraordinarily retro–a wiki seems like a much better approach. And there is a game design wiki, but it takes a game design patterns approach, which is too narrow–that is, game design patterns are one useful way of approaching game design, but essentially they’re a laundry list of possible game mechanics, rather than a more formal approach to understanding games and game development. As I see it, a proper lexicon should certainly include the vocabulary developed by the game design patterns folks, but that should be only a part of the whole.


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