Posted for Thor:

Day one and Iím not sure how I want things to proceed. I thought when I started this course of events that I knew what I wanted to do to the game and how I would go about it. But in the intervening 24 hours I have questioned those assumptions and added to my wish list. I would like to keep the system light, but give it a little more 3-dimensionality. But there are three areas I have a good idea I want to try to improve.

1. I want character generation to reflect a more 3 dimensional sort of system. The characters in both versions were good at every COO skill as any other; which cuts off one way people like to develop their characters. I want the characters to develop as the game goes on. Stats are the least of my concerns lately I have been writing a lot of games without them but it is possible that there will be some sort of stats they just wonít be STR, COO, KNO these just donít seem real to me anymore. There are two possible stats that I have been thinking about. They are attention and cool Attention reflects how many balls you can keep in the air at once and Cool reflects how badly you crack when one of those balls hits the ground. In my mind the players are all capable of great things as long as they keep their cool and donít do more than their attention will cover. The question is what things will affect either.

2. I want the skill system to reflect my current obsession with quality of task resolution. If the character just barely gets the wiring rigged on the alarm system bypassed will there be time to get in and out before the guards notice that the loop that is feeding to the camera is hiccuping every 49 seconds. To this I thing that there is a place for the players to have more control of the outcomes of the situation through some sort of hero point system

3. I want to bring in a system where the experiences of the characters feed back into their abilities. The excellent Comic series Queen and Country has dealt with the battlefield stress of the characters and I would like to reflect something of that sort in the system. It might be that certain things the character experiences bring psychological damage to the character causing a loss of cool or of attention. There are long slow methods of dealing with this that might get you pulled from the field, but there are also ďBand-AidsĒ that can cover the needs like booze or bravo the players can choose what they want to do.

4. While I enjoy team play I think that the rules should be able to accommodate play where the players have different agendas

5. I have always appreciated the political infighting that existed in Queen and Country as well as that in the George Smiley books by John LeCarre. I would like to include rules for playing the politics of the office as well as the fight in the field.

6. There was a post some time ago, on the Forge, about using the game sorcerer to reflect running field agents. This was such a wonderful idea that I want to steal it whole hog if I can fit it into the system and make it play nice with my game.

See that doesnít look like much to do. I am going to try to stop writing now because my brain hurts and I want to think about the things I have said so far Tomorrow I will try to decide which of these parts I will tackle first.


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