Other games in development

There have been a couple of discussions at the Forge that we’ve been watching with interest.

Seems to have some elements in common with the Mytholean Club, at least pertaining to appearance of mastery (as opposed to true mastery). Very different

1000 Blank White Cards – which Thor thought might provide an interesting adjunct to the SpyGame (which currently uses cards to track all the various information)

This might bring some ideas to mind for the spy game. A good discussion about gaming a gunfight that is more experiental and less omnisciently tactical (which most games tend to be). Some really good info, but more concentrating on gunfights than I hope the SpyGame turns out to need.

Quoting Thor:

the one idea that I particularly liked was the idea that there was a sense of time passing in a crisis. whether it becomes a combat system or not i like the idea of some things requiring “Bullet Time”.

Agreed on that point.

I also really liked TonyLB’s post about time as a resource in a combat situation, but I really disagree with Neel about the “give ’em five seconds to decide what they are going to do” rule. It gets back to my issues with GM as arbiter of all in the world, and punishing players for the GM’s inability to parse things for the players sufficiently well.

Definitely a conversation to keep on the radar, even if it doesn’t make it into the spy game.

This is more research than conclusion, but it’s interesting to look at.


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