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SpyGame: Post Operation Dingleberry

July 20, 2005

Thor suggested running something with multiple characters for next time, more akin to a traditional RPG.

Pete wanted more background and connectedness for the campaign. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with a wiki.

I’m going to blather about the game/setting for the next couple of weeks. Rather than trying to write thoughtful, edited things, I’m going to engage in some logorrhea. I’m going to spout off and run all kinds of thoughts. Not everything will be useful, but it will provide more to comment on and critique (or more to work against, if I blather idiotically).


We’re going to run a Teal/Fuschia Telephone-Style Wiki game to generate some backstory and context. Email entries to all participants. I’ll try to compile them.

Wiki game – write a 100-300 word article about a topic. 8 turns (telephone style). Each turn is maximum 1 week, but once we have entries from everyone, the next turn begins. As soon as you have written an entry, you can dib for the next entry you want to write. Each article must have 1 existing citation, 1 citation to an existing phantom, and 1 citation to a newly created phantom. You can reference other citations, but only those three are listed. Only one new citation per article. Another player can create a phantom of something you mention later on.

Existing phantoms include: Teal; Fuschia; Arrowroot; Buckwheat; Graham; Seltzer; Weetabix; Rykrisp; Zwieback.

Telephone-style – most wiki games run alphabetically. Telephone style uses groups of letters like a telephone keypad (ie ABC DEF GHI JKL MNO PQRS TUV WXYZ). First turn can be an entry starting with A, B or C. Second turn is D, E or F.

If no phantoms are available, a player may create a new entry.

Turn one is a newly created phantom. I’ll post mine soon to use as a template.