Dungeon Poetry



Several months ago, a friend forwarded me a link to Tony Dowler’s Year of the Dungeon (pdf) February 2010 compilation. Something kept me from following the link he sent me until I was doing some sorting through my email and found his reference to Dungeon Poetry.

The idea of quick images of small dungeons – flash fiction dungeons, if you will – is interesting.  These could, of course, be used as a one-shot, a quick encounter, or the like.  But I think the idea of generating a lot of these is useful as a tool to come back to when looking at a larger project.  In the same way that some writers talk about short stories as a workshop for ideas that go into novels, this kind of exercise could also be a way of keeping active with trying out ideas.

A deck of a couple dozen of these could be used as a generator, like a deck of tarot cards for generating storylines or character backgrounds of NPCs.  Not that they would just be assembled like so many old TSR dungeon tiles.  Rather, the images of a few different spaces might work together, to suggest an overall theme to be used for creating a more interesting place.

Would a similar approach be workable for other kinds of games?  After all, aren’t many spy movies (especially Bond movies) a series of exotic locales and set pieces?  Would a set of places be useful for a spy game?  Interesting things to think about, for any genre.

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