Migrating Open DragonQuest


A couple weeks back, I got an email from Netfirms about the dragonslayer.netfirms.com site; something I had forgotten about quite a while ago. The company is cutting off their free hosting service, so they were giving me a couple weeks notice before I had to migrate to one of their paid plans or lose the contents of the site. I opted not to buy any of the hosting plans, but I have gone in and rescued all of the remaining materials from the Open DragonQuest project that were on that site.

I will have to post the html someplace new, and all the URLs will have to be modified. The text files should be simple enough to re-host without any problems. There’s not a lot of material there – the whole thing never very much took off; hell, even I had forgotten those files were still tucked away there – but I still believe it’s worth saving.

Dragonslayer, you may recall, if you’re enough of a DQ fan to be reading this, was the original name for the game. But a movie that came out around the same time was also called Dragonslayer. SPI ended up producing a tie-in game to go with the movie as well, and renamed the RPG to DragonQuest instead.

Open DragonQuest is effectively a retro-clone project, though we didn’t have that term at the time. The same concept was there, though, of providing compatible functionality with a revised text. If anyone is going to put together a retro-clone or a new edition of DQ, and wants to make use of this material, I would be happy to see that happen (because it would mean something was happening with DragonQuest). I’m not the sole author of all of the Open DragonQuest material, and, although those who contributed to this were doing so with the understanding that it was going towards a shared kind of project, but you might try to contact the other contributors.

Some of the Open DQ stuff has been already migrated into WordPress; there’s a DragonQuest Rules site which appears to have all of the same blog posts that were on OpenDragonQuest. I’m happy to share the other files, as well, if anyone else wants to keep copies.

I’ll have links posted once I have a new site to store and share this information.

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