Poor Brendan’s Almanac [DragonQuest Supplement]


Since it has come up in discussion again recently, on the DQ-rules Yahoo group, it finally occurred to me that I ought to post a copy of Poor Brendan’s Almanac to make it more widely available. Although I don’t think it’s going to be lost from the Yahoo group, maybe it will be useful to have a copy available that wasn’t locked up in a members-only group.

Poor Brendan’s Almanac is a supplement for DragonQuest that I authored and edited a number of years ago. If you aren’t a DQ player, it’s probably worthless to you. [It’s a 1.86 Mb PDF]

However, if you are a DQ player, and you haven’t seen it yet, I invite you to take a look. It adds some new weapons and some extra combat rules, some additional magic rules and two new Colleges of magic (College of Witchcraft and College of Time Magics), rules for minor skills, as well as three new Skills (Diplomat, Herbalist, and Hunter) and a number of other rules to add detail to your campaign. Comments about Poor Brendan’s Almanac are welcome, either here or at the DQ-rules group.


One Response to “Poor Brendan’s Almanac [DragonQuest Supplement]”

  1. Andreas Davour Says:

    Thanks! I loved the new skills!

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