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To Crowdsource a New DQ Adventure

June 24, 2011

Looking at things like Kickstarter, I have been thinking about seeing if there would be interest in the DQ community to support the creation of a new DQ adventure.

I’m thinking about creating something, and offering premiums and opportunities for people to help support it. People who contributed some amount will get a copy of the adventure before it is released online. A higher level of contribution would get a hardcopy. People who wanted to contribute even more could have a say in some of the creation of the adventure; for instance, if you wanted to be a supporter of the project, you could have a place from your campaign incorporated into the adventure or used as the setting, or have a PC or NPC from your campaign included in the adventure, or ask for a particular College of Magic to be incorporated into the adventure.

If there are a few people who would make a contribution to the project, I could justify taking the time to work on this. The downside to the idea is that there are only a few people playing DQ anymore, and probably only a tiny number of those who would spend money on a project like this.

I’ll probably post this idea to the DQ lists in a while, if I think I could make it work. If anyone reading this blog is a DQ fan and has comments on the idea, I’d be interested in your thoughts and feedback.

The 20 by 20 Room Is Back!

June 6, 2011

I was alerted that the 20 by 20 Room is back. This is great news!

20 by 20 Room is a group blog on the topic of RPGs in general. I used to read it periodically, if not religiously. I’ve discussed the Spy Game concept there a little bit, and seen some other interesting discussions from time to time.

When I was looking for a reference to (and let me link to it once again because I continue to think it is just a fantastic bit of work) the Lexicon Game, which was invented there in 2003, it appeared that 20 by 20 Room was finally gone. It had been pretty inert for a while, with no new posting or activity for quite some time. But I had been able to find the reference to the Lexicon game still, until that point when it looked like the site was gone completely. I had found a mirror of the original Lexicon post, which I believe is important to maintain and keep available. But the original is now back again.

I’ve played in what was perhaps the most extensive lexicon game, Ghyll, which was fabulous fun while it was going on. I still haven’t played a session of Microscope yet, but I still think that there’s a lot of connection between the two.

It looks like they’re accepting new contributors at 20 by 20 Room. I might think about joining up, mostly to talk about creation games like Lexicon and Microscope and so forth. But there’s also my involvement in DQ and the Spy Game concept, so I have a couple things I might occasionally write about. Wonder if I have enough in me to make it make sense to do so?