To Crowdsource a New DQ Adventure


Looking at things like Kickstarter, I have been thinking about seeing if there would be interest in the DQ community to support the creation of a new DQ adventure.

I’m thinking about creating something, and offering premiums and opportunities for people to help support it. People who contributed some amount will get a copy of the adventure before it is released online. A higher level of contribution would get a hardcopy. People who wanted to contribute even more could have a say in some of the creation of the adventure; for instance, if you wanted to be a supporter of the project, you could have a place from your campaign incorporated into the adventure or used as the setting, or have a PC or NPC from your campaign included in the adventure, or ask for a particular College of Magic to be incorporated into the adventure.

If there are a few people who would make a contribution to the project, I could justify taking the time to work on this. The downside to the idea is that there are only a few people playing DQ anymore, and probably only a tiny number of those who would spend money on a project like this.

I’ll probably post this idea to the DQ lists in a while, if I think I could make it work. If anyone reading this blog is a DQ fan and has comments on the idea, I’d be interested in your thoughts and feedback.


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3 Responses to “To Crowdsource a New DQ Adventure”

  1. Stephen Peto Says:

    Hi Rodger, I’d be interested in this idea. Any thing which helps promote Dragonquest is a good thing, and I’m always interested in a good adventure.

  2. Stephen Peto Says:

    Come to think of it, DragonQuest could probably do with an interesting campaign hook or setting. While Frontiers of Alusia is OK from a nostalgia point of view, it’s a bit weak IMHO. There are none of the inbuilt tensions that you get in more recent settings. I keep thinking I should try and do something similar to Robert Conley’s sandbox settings

  3. rthorm Says:

    Thanks for the support. I’ve posted a preliminary draft of the proposal; I’d be interested in your comments on that.

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