Working Title: Wilderness

I’m getting ready to start the adventure fundraiser project. The working title for the adventure is Wilderness. Naming rights are open to discussion and/or sponsorship.

Right now, my plan is to start the campaign on December 1st and run it through the end of February. That’s a little longer than ideal, but I think it allows more time to reach people who might be interested in it and try to recruit them to contribute.

I’m planning to use IndieGoGo to handle the fundraising. This means a couple things for the project. Most importantly, unlike Kickstarter, all contributions are collected. If the project doesn’t reach its goal in Kickstarter, no one gets charged. But with IndieGoGo, if you pledge X dollars, you are charged X dollars immediately, and, after the fees are taken out, the rest goes to fund the project right away. I’ve also been given to understand that it is easier for non-US contributors to participate through IndieGoGo, as opposed to other crowd funding platforms.

The upside for this is that, as long as there is some contribution, the adventure is going to be produced. It may only be minimally funded, in which case, it’s going to be smaller in scale. But I’m going to take the advice of Mark Shocklee about setting a range of goals.

The base goal is probably going to be $750. For that, the project will be a minimum 16-page adventure. If support reaches $1500, it will be a minimum 32-page adventure.

There is also an opportunity to have an art component. If support reaches $3000, I will have a custom piece of cover art commissioned from Timothy Truman (the artist who did the cover art for Enchanted Wood; I’ve been in brief contact with him, and it looks like it would be possible to commission him for a piece). That might also end up being a separate crowd funding project, rather than rolling it into the adventure fundraiser. I’ve also contacted another artist to see about rates for some interior art. I was going to see about contacting John Garcia (who did many of the interior drawings for the DQ rulebook), but unfortunately he passed away a few years ago.

I’d like to have some art in the adventure even if we only raise a moderate amount of funds. So I will assign roughly 20% of the money raised to go toward illustrations and artwork. This will probably mean hiring younger, lesser-known artists for a pittance (and I am not happy at having to do that), but I am realistic about the money that will be available, and I hope that I will be able to find a couple people who might be willing to do some fun work for a fraction of what they would normally charge. The other option would be to find some existing art that would be appropriate that we might be able to license to use.

If you have any leads or ideas about the art side, let me know.


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5 Responses to “Working Title: Wilderness”

  1. Stephen Peto Says:

    Good to hear that you are taking this forward. I am also glad you’ve got an extended window to make contributions. I know my finances won’t be my own again until after Christmas :) Talking of art, there’s a guy by the name of Zhu on the Otherworld Miniatures forums that does good black & white old school style illustration.
    I’m still up for doing cartography, if you want me to.

    • Rodger Thorm Says:

      Hey Stephen,

      Could you send me some links and images of your cartography. Are you a visual artist, or do you use one of the various game map programs?

      I have a background in architecture and fine arts myself, and so I have some interest in working on the mapping myself, but I’m not about to turn away someone who is interested and can help with the project.

      With the sketch map, there are a couple of cities (the Frontier Port and the Port City) that could need to be included. I’d be interested in discussing what parts of this you could help out with. Things are still at the beginning stages, but what do you think your strong points are, and what would you be most interested in working on?



      • Stephen Peto Says:

        Hi Rodger,

        Please find a couple of links below to maps on my flickr stream. I’ll try and dig out some others in different styles too.


        Church Above Ground


        These are just a couple of examples I have to hand this moment. I am guessing you will want your interior maps to be black & white, so I’ll dig out a couple more of those.

        I mainly use a drawing programme called Xara Xtreme (which is like Illustrator only cheaper!) I reckon I have enough skill to be able to produce a map in whatever style you want. I would need a sketch map and an example of a map in the style you want it produced in.
        If you want I can have a go at reproducing your frontier sketch map and see if you like what I come up with.

        If you prefer to do the cartography yourself, that’s fine, after all it’s your baby. But if I can help in anyway, I am happy to do so.

        I am happy to help out with whatever you want to do. A detailed map such as the Savage City map might take me a full day to do, so I would want a reasonable amount of time to complete any work I do, preferably a couple of weekends. My strong points are I guess working in the software I use, and being flexible and easy to work with! And I’m happy to have a go at anything!

        Please let me know what you think.

        Stephen Peto

      • Stephen Peto Says:

        Hi Rodger,

        Sorry about that permissions altered so that anyone can view the links.

        Stephen Peto

  2. Andreas Davour Says:

    Yeah, Christmas messes up the money. After that, though…

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