What’s That Map?


There’s a map occupying the homepage on the Wilderness of A— Fundraiser page; what is it and where did it come from?

This is a portion of the map from my Caldera campaign. The city at the center of the map is Gafton, where the campaign was based. It was just a black and white map, but I took a little while and added some color to it to make it more visually appealing. It’s a 5 mile hex scale; the scale of the DragonQuest strategic hex grid.

While I don’t think it looks too bad, this is NOT the location I’m looking at for the adventure. It’s just here as eye candy (and hopefully you find it appealing like that). If you can use it in some fashion in your own campaigns, that’s great.

But I do have some questions about the setting for the Wilderness adventure, and I’m interested in feedback from you, the potential players and GMs. Schematically, here’s an initial look at the kind of configuration I am looking at for the adventure right now:

The issue at the heart of the adventure is the need for goods from the Barony having to go down to the Frontier Port, then sail across the Ocean to the Port City, then travel overland back up to the Kingdom’s capital. A direct road would be quicker; that’s the Baron’s project, and, since there is difficulty, that’s why he needs the help.

The questions for discussion regarding the setting are:
* What kind of environment would fit in for most campaigns? Right now, I’m thinking of making it a combination of wasteland, forest, and mountain.
* Does the concept of a Kingdom at the edge of the known world and a frontier Barony fit for most campaigns? (Basically, are you going to be able to use this?)
* Should the adventure be located in relation to the Frontiers of Alusia?

Even if someone takes the Hero – World Supporter perk in the fundraiser, these are going to be valid questions, so I’d appreciate your thoughts about it.


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2 Responses to “What’s That Map?”

  1. Jason Garber Says:

    Hi Rodger,

    Regarding your first question, I think your idea of a combination of wasteland, forest, and mountains would work for the environment. Something that is an imposing barrier in its own right to getting a road built even before delving into the mysteries of the adventure.

    Regarding your second question, I definitely could use this. In a way the Frontiers of Alusia has this in a more advanced stage of infrastructure development (i.e. trading roads already built and less imposing terrain between them) with the Brastor Holding being a recently settled satellite of the Barony of Carzala.

    Regarding your final question, I’m probably in the minority here but I have always enjoyed Frontiers of Alusia and the ideas for the expanded Alusia that SPI never got completed and the rare times I ‘ve GM Dragonquest I use Alusia as my campaign world. I really like how the group in New Zealand has developed and expanded their version of Alusia on the Wiki. So I would like to see this adventure be directly tied in to Alusia or at the very least do what was done for the Camp of Alla-Ahkbar adventure where a paragraph was included for GMs who wanted to use Alusia with the adventure by substituting the generic adventure locations with locations on the Alusia map. But I’m just happy more Dragonquest materials are coming out and I have contributed to this project and hope more people will.

    Jason Garber

  2. rthorm Says:

    Personally, I started the maps for my campaign well before Frontiers of Alusia was published, and I never really used it myself.

    I don’t think that Camp of Alla Akbar was the only adventure that gave setting directions for Alusia, either. I think Treasure of Socantri does, as well.

    Having thought about this a bit more, I’m thinking that this can also be tied back to the Water Works adventure, as well. I’m considering making the Port City into Cape Bage, and connecting some other campaign background elements.

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