Bonus for Holidays


The fundraiser for the DQ adventure has already gone more than halfway towards it initial goal, with 51 days remaining. The ‘hot start’ target to get the entire base goal by the 15th wasn’t reached, but that was a long shot anyhow

I mentioned on the dq-rules list that I hoped to still have a holiday piece for those who have contributed.

What I’m thinking of doing is gathering together and formalizing the Rank Point system I have used a few times to start off new campaigns or one-shots for conventions where I didn’t want to be stuck with beginning characters. Since “The Wilderness of A—” is going to be designed for mid-level characters, and people may not have existing campaigns, I think it would be good to have a framework for quickly giving players a way to assemble characters with more experience than beginning characters would have.

You could certainly do something like this by just dumping 8000 XP (or whatever amount you’d like) on everyone and letting them go to town. But this would be a quicker, shorthand version. Of course, it would be possible to abuse the system, but in more instances, I think it could be used to quickly get a new character, or group of characters pulled together.

My thinking is that there may be some gaming groups getting together over the holidays, and this could be tested out by a few different groups. The refined version will then be included in the final version of “The Wilderness of A—”

If you want to take a look at a preliminary version of this, before I clean it up, I’ve included it below the cut…

Character Generation Worksheet

I. Handedness – choose character’s handedness (right or left), or roll for ambidexterity (D5 = D10)

II. Base Stats – per normal DragonQuest character generation (4D5). Points: Max stat:


III. Raise your primary stat (highest stat value) by 2. Raise two other stats by 1 each. Calculate values for TMR and FT, then add 1 to FT.

IV. Your character’s core skills are provided. You will round out your character with points as follows:
12 Rank Points (RPs) for weapon skills
24 Rank Points for skills and magic
15 Rank Points for miscellaneous

Ranks 1-4 with an ability cost 1 RP each, Ranks 5-8 cost 2 RP each, and Ranks 9+ cost 3 RP each. [EXAMPLE: Brendan is already listed at Rank 2 with dagger, and the player wants him to be Rank 7, it will cost 8 RP (1 RP each for Ranks 3 and 4, plus 2 RPs each for Ranks 5, 6 and 7) leaving 4 RPs for other weapon skills.]

No more than 4 miscellaneous RPs may be used for weapon skills, and no more than 6 miscellaneous RPs may be used for skills and magic. Miscellaneous RPs may also be used to make the character a non-human, to raise the character’s PC, and to buy special or magical equipment. Only characters designated as members of a college of magic may acquire magical skills.

Each character has their own particular non-human race costs. If you decide to play the character as a non-human, you must adjust your stats accordingly. Make sure none of your minimum stats fall below the necessary minimum values.

+1 PC costs 1 RP; +2 PC costs 3 RPs; +3 PC costs 7 RPs; +4 PC costs 15 RPs

RPs Item
— —-
5 Magical blade
(+2 damage/ +7 to hit)
3 Invested blade
(6 charges, 80% chance (+3 damage/+8 to hit), 3 min x (D-5)
4 Belt of Shadow Form
(7 charges, 73% chance (+18 DEF), 4-1/2 hours)
2 Custom Armor – Studded Leather
(wt: 3 prot: 5 AG: -1 stealth: -4)
3 Custom Armor – Light Chain
(wt: 6 prot: 6 AG: -1 stealth: -8)
8 Invested Armor – Leather
(wt: 2.75 prot: 4 AG: 0 stealth: +2 w/ 11 charges, 78% chance (+3 prot)
3 Invested Ring – Spell of Light
(12 charges, 90% chance, 120′ range, 10′ x 10′ x 10′ cube, 2 hrs x (D-5)
3 Invested Ring – Enhancing Enchantment
(8 charges, 67% chance, 100′ range, 1 min.)
3 Invested Ring – Bolt of Energy
(9 charges, 79% chance, 120′ range, D+3 damage)
5 Invested Ring – Healing
(5 charges, 82% chance, 10 points FT or EN (can be used on others only)
2 Potion of Healing
(9 doses, each dose restores 1 (even) or 2 (odd) points EN or FT)
1 Plate Armor (non-magical improved plate)
1 Amulet of Jade (no undead willingly approach closer than 30 feet)
1 Amulet of Aquilaeus (subtract 10 on Fright Table rolls)
2 Amulet of Diamonds (+2 strike chance)


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6 Responses to “Bonus for Holidays”

  1. Andreas Davour Says:

    Cool. I find that having to spend long time to “level up” NPCs is a killer in prep. Really sweet to have a procedure for such things, and usable for PC to boot!

  2. rthorm Says:

    The draft version of Quick Character Generation is available. I’m hoping for some useful comments about it.

  3. Stephen Says:

    A couple of months ago I posted lengthy feedback about this and it has not been released.
    Is there a problem with your blog?
    Or do you have an issue with what I said? If so, please explain.

    I have been playing and GMing DQ for 20+ years, I would like to contribute to discussion on your projects but I’m not inclined to do so if my posts don’t get displayed.

    Regards, Stephen.

  4. rthorm Says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I’m not sure what may have happened to your reply. I don’t see anything held as pending approval nor is there anything looking like it might be your reply in the spam trap, so I’m not sure what happened.

    Do you think it’s something you could re-create and re-post?

  5. Stephen Says:

    Bugger! The joys of modern technology.
    I foolishly didn’t take a copy before posting. I’ll see if I can re-create and re-post soon.
    Cheers, Stephen.

  6. rthorm Says:

    Looking forward to it!

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