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Exquisite Corpse Dungeon

March 26, 2015

Deadline: 30 April 2015

This was kicked off in the Google+ Map-Making in Games community, but it doesn’t need to be restricted there. Drop a line if you’re interested in participating, and also feel free to pass this along to others who might be interested.

If you aren’t familiar with the term Exquisite Corpse, it comes from the Surrealists. It was a party game, and a way of making unexpected art. Someone would begin a drawing on the top of a page, then fold it over to hide almost all of what they’d done, leaving just a few lines along the edge showing, which the next person would connect to as they continued the drawing, and so forth.

A Google image search on ‘exquisite corpse’ will bring up a variety of drawings showing the kind of result that comes from artists’ versions.

So, the idea for this is a bunch of people all drawing a section of what will eventually become a large dungeon made up of sections each by a different artist/cartographer. The Exquisite Corpse Dungeon will wrap up the same time as the deadline for the One-Page Dungeon Contest (April 30). Since this will be all map and no contents, and because it is a multi-participant project, there is no plan to enter it for OPDC, it’s just a fun thing to do in parallel.

Soon after the deadline, we’ll have the whole thing posted here (and doubtless shared on some other sites, too), so check back in to see the whole thing when it’s done.

Format: 30 wide x 12 tall grid. Map scale is 5′ squares. Bottom row (only) is passed to next participant in order for them to align connections. Grid is not a requirement; but you can use it (or not) as a general guideline for size.

Layout: No dead end connections; every passage must provide a way to connect through to further sections of the map. Each slice must have at least two connections to adjacent sections.

Two additional rows on the far right can be used to identify the artist for each section. Submissions should be put under the “Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0” license. (Reference: )

Participants (as of 4/15/2015):

  • Rodger Thorm
  • Kevin Campbell
  • David Millar
  • Paul Baldowski
  • Cecil Howe
  • Dyson Logos
  • Nate McD
  • Scott Slomiany
  • Nate Marcel
  • Jens Larsen
  • Scott Aleric
  • Billy Longino

(Edit: So far, everyone’s been pretty good with relatively quick turnarounds on their sections. I’ll probably cut off – or wait-list – anyone who wants to join in after the 20th or so, just so we can wrap it up by the 30th.)