Sargon Empire Setting – Campaign Map

This was the campaign map for a DragonQuest campaign from the early ’90s which we called the “Rotating Campaign.” There was not a single GM for the game, everyone had a character, and several of us took turns running adventures (during which our characters would typically be out of the picture for one reason or another).

The setting was among the remaining free countries that were being devoured by a continental empire. Thor Hansen (G+ link) created the map, with input from the rest of us in setting up the various countries and developing their character and politics.

Rotating CampaignMap

Thor has made this map freely re-usable for non-commercial use. We’ll also see if there is some of the setting information that we can share here, as well. He also initially posted the version with the different countries colored, to show the areas of the different countries.

The general setting was that the Sargon Empire was a huge, nearly continent-spanning empire (somewhat inspired by the Roman Empire, I suppose) that was gradually expanding and absorbing all of the remaining countries into itself. Alesia had been the major opposition to the Sargonese, but was no where near a match for Sargon militarily. Despite the presence of the greater threat, several of these smaller countries still had strong rivalries between one another, so it wasn’t necessarily

There was a Sargonese Intelligence Network (S.I.N.) with spies in the other countries, feeding information back to the Empire, and turning out to be a couple of the villains we went up against.


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