Samples from an Unfurnished Dungeon


Here is a sample of a couple pages from the first Unfurnished Dungeon.

MerrimackMine-excerpt (link to 3 pages PDF)

The general idea behind this is to have a booklet with a map along with physical descriptions of the spaces (room size, materials, and so forth), but leave the stocking and furnishing of those spaces to the dungeon master, allowing it to be fully customized for use with any campaign, regardless of the game system being used, party size, or level.


One DM could use this as a warren of gnomes to be rooted out for a beginning campaign while another might use it as a high-level wizard’s secret lair with several dangerous beasts guarding the approach.

Feedback about how well you think this would work for you would really be appreciated. This is intended to become a series that will be published by Antherwyck House Games. PDF versions will be available to Patreon supporters, and both PDF and printed copies will be available through DriveThru/RPGNow (and trying to keep them pretty inexpensive; probably around $5 for the print copies, and less for PDFs). Would you consider buying something like this? What kinds of things would you be looking for? Should there be further detail? Anything else that would make this more useful for you?

Also, is the name “Unfurnished Dungeon” the best name for the series? What about “Bluebook Dungeons” (or is that too obscure)?


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