Double map Friday


This is what happens when you take an odd approach while doodling a map, and turn it into a rule. Here, I started with a general placement and size of rooms, and then made all the hallway connections (which led to some revision) and yielded these.

The alternative hatching that goes with these only further highlights their non-standard character. This is also the most stripped down version, without even doors to rooms, so you could set it up however you like.

I’ve been using a system for sheet layout that helps me organize and set up maps. It doesn’t necessarily even make it into the final version, sometimes it’s more of an orientation tool than an actual organizational guide that I follow. But here, the divisions (especially horizontally) were pretty rigorously followed, which helps make these how they are.

I don’t plan to do any more in this style, unless someone has a really cool application for them (in which case, I’ll see what I can do). Are these just too far out of bounds? Or is there a mad wizard’s method behind this that makes sense, in its own twisted way?


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2 Responses to “Double map Friday”

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    […] for their differences and their character.  The middle block is also a bit reminiscent of the Aladdin Sane maps of a few months ago, and the one on the right got me thinking about the idea of dungeons for […]

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