Discussing Science Fiction Game Cards


This past week, Dyson Logos posted a really great image for a 3×5 Index Card Magic Item Certificate, and there was some discussion on G+ about getting them printed for use in a game.  I haven’t seen anything further about that idea from Dyson, yet.

Also, in that discussion, Jay Exonauts expressed interest in a scifi version, and a couple others said they would be interested in buying something like that (either the fantasy version of a scifi version). That seemed like something that Antherwyck House could produce and sell, and after a little checking I think we could offer a deck of 50 for around $5 as a POD offering (plus shipping, of course).

Because these are intended to be written on, I’m looking at these as simple black and white images, although they could be colored in some fashion or other (full color art; accent colors; colored backs and black & white fronts).  So before delving too far into the project, I’d like to get some feedback about people’s interest in something like this.  If you are interested in

I’ve put together a quick set of options for the backs of the cards (which might also be usable in their own right, if you like hex maps).  The finished cards would be 2.5″ x 3.5″ (standard poker/playing-card size), but would have rounded corners (rather than the simple rectangles shown here).  They could either be full bleed, with the images going all the way to the edge of the card, or they could have a border.  A couple examples of each are included.


If you’re interested in these, let me know what you think about these options for card backs. Would you want them all to be identical, or would you want to see a mix of a few different backs in the deck?

Likewise, for the fronts, do you want to see a set of all the same cards, or do you want a couple different options to be included (whether that’s different styles of art for them, or just printed in a few different colors)?

Feedback here is, of course, very much appreciated. If you really want your vote to count, consider supporting my Patreon (which hasn’t really formally launched, as yet, but you can get in on the absolute ground floor if you think this is something you’d like to see).

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