Double Geomorph – draft



Sometimes, a 10×10 grid isn’t big enough. Geomorphs are lots of fun, but it’s hard to find room to turn around in one. So this is a double geomorph, using a 20×20 grid, and allowing two standard (ie 10×10) geomorphs to connect to each side of it.

Of course, I had to play around with all this room, and ended up trying to overlay two levels (with mixed success). The simple line/dashed line can get confusing to read. Adding the hatch to it helps somewhat, but it still is a bit confusing when spaces in the two levels overlap.

So this needs some more work to be really clear, but I think it would probably be okay as it is; there are just a few places where you have to look at it to make sure you’re following what’s going on. Anyone have any suggestions for next steps?


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