SciFi cards – rough (really, really rough) sketches


Presenting a couple of real rough sketches for the idea for the scifi cards. (This is the kind of behind-the-scenes that should be in the Patreon for higher levels of support, but for now, it may be more useful to share this widely so that everyone can see the kinds of things that you might have access to.) For now, I’m looking for feedback on the general direction and gauging any potential interest in these if we do go to press with them.



Are they sufficiently science-fictioney skeuomorphs? After screwing around for a while, I think they are, but I’m looking for other opinions. Are there any parts that you like that ought to be repeated in one set or the other? Or things that should be left out because they aren’t really working?

I’m thinking of things like the teeth on the side in the BSG* set or the little pseudo bar code in the upper corner of the curved corners set.

Do you like or dislike the hex figure in the bottom left?

Any other things you like or dislike to tighten these up a bit?

The other thing to explore will be whether it’s better to have these done as poker-size (or possibly later this year as tarot-size) cards, or if having them printed locally and then doing distribution ourselves would be the better way to go.

*probably can’t call the final version BSG, but it’s got the clipped corners, so you know what I mean. Too bad, too, that we couldn’t get them made with corners clipped like that rather than the rounded corner die cut.

EDIT: followup hardline draft moved here


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