Updates for mid-May 2015


Updates on a number of different projects including the Exquisite Corpse Dungeon, Blank Cards and Un-Furnished Dungeons, and The Wilderness Adventure and DragonQuest.  And, maybe fittingly, this is the 100th post for this blog, too.

Exquisite Corpse Dungeon

This has been going on over on G+, primarily.  I was going to report that the last section is going to be delayed, but it got sent last evening, so all the parts are in place, and we’ll have the whole thing soon.  There should be a version of it posted here by the end of the week.

Maps for Sharing

Also on G+, I’ve had a handful of dungeon maps I’ve been posting as an exercise to get back into a creation mode and to overcome some writer’s block.  Fortunately, I have some other maps I’ve already scanned and scheduled to share, to keep that going.  There are some windows of time available at my job where I can work on some general kinds of maps, and I’ve been stocking a few more of those, so posting should continue at a rate of at least one a week.  Some are also geomorphs, and I think those are making it into Dave’s Mapper, although I’m not a searchable contributor, yet.

Blank Cards and Un-Furnished Dungeons

The first item which should soon be available from the Antherwyck House store is a tile card (6″ x 6″) formatted for drawing geomorph dungeons on a 10 x 10 grid with openings on each side to align with other tiles (using the format that Dave’s Mapper and Dyson Logos and others use).

sfcardsampleNext up, the first science fiction cards (inspired by Dyson Logos’ magic item certificates) are in process, and hopefully, a preliminary version of those will be ready quite soon.  We have a second set in the works as well.

If you are interested in these, and want to see something different that what we’re offering (number, configuration, style, etc.) let us know.  We’re not up to customizing these on demand (unless you want to discuss some custom work – in which case, let’s talk), but this is a speculative project, and so feedback from buyers and users will be very helpful in refining these things and making them more useful for you.

The Wilderness Adventure and DragonQuest

The Wilderness adventure got stuck earlier on, in the new year.  After having it lie dormant for a while, I started looking at some other gaming discussions going on in G+, and that has really helped re-energize and get back into working on that once more.

It has been good to have projects that can get completed.  My enthusiasm for the Wilderness has not left, though it does wane from time to time, since it’s holding me back from getting other games-related things underway.  It’s bigger than I had planned for at the outset (in the range of 40 pages), and editing and wanting it to be completely right has taken far, far longer than I expected.

Not only am I ready to get back into wrapping things up, but I’ve been able to solve some formatting and layout issues, as well.  Experimenting on some other things has helped sort out a few bugs, since this not only has to be completed within the content but also in a print-ready setup.

With some other things going off to the printer at the same time, I’m also hoping to get a test copy of the area map, now that those are available, and see how those are going to turn out.

Links and Contacts

[Tiny Letter] – In addition to posting this here, this is also going out as the first message using my Tiny Letter account for newsletters.  If you’d like to be on the receiving end of that, so that you can get updates like this in your email inbox, go sign up: Subscribe powered by TinyLetter

[Facebook and Google+] – There’s a Facebook page for Antherwyck House Games, if that’s your preferred social media outlet: https://www.facebook.com/AntherwyckHouseGames  You can also find me on G+ https://plus.google.com/112759340492106094051/posts/p/pub and there’s now a new DragonQuest group there, as well: https://plus.google.com/communities/117735679361185257091

[Website & Blog] – The website is still a placeholder, so that needs to be a project.  For now, the center of the web presence is the Blog: https://rthorm.wordpress.com


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