A Complex of Rooms


This map started out with an idea for having fairly regularly orthogonal rooms, but not necessarily orthogonal to one another, and that got carried through pretty rigorously.  Each of the hallways had to be square to its room, which then meant that each hallway had to have a single break where the hallway transitioned to the hallway for another room (though there are a couple places where that wasn’t carried out that way).


The lines are also better in this, and I think the fougou-like walls stand out more strongly than previously.  I also like the way the secret room is worked in to this.  Whether it would just be a door (though it isn’t drawn like that), or whether it would be necessary to take pieces out of the wall in order to have access to the small space beyond, the idea of this small, hidden bolt-hole is suggestive of a number of possibilities.

This was designed, in part, with an approach to making an Un-Furnished Dungeon, and I think this might be the next in that series.  As usual, feel free to use for any non-commercial purpose, or contact me if you’d like to use this on a commercial project.


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One Response to “A Complex of Rooms”

  1. Another Complex of Rooms | Antherwyck House Games Blog Says:

    […] There are things about this one graphically that I like very much.  A lot of these maps have come about from various kinds of graphic experimentation, and when one of them reads well, it’s always nice to see.  This also shares some obvious similarities with the earlier Complex of Rooms. […]

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