A Dungeon at the Top of a Hill


If your playing style is along the lines of, “DM describes the space in words while one of the players tries to draw it,” then this one is likely to break someone.  Some of these maps come about during slow stretches in phone meetings; but I don’t think that the content of the meeting has any direct bearing on the character of the map.  If it did, this one would be even more troubling to consider what the meeting must have been concerning…


Near the edge of the woods is a circle of trees on a small rise.  It is not far from the path, but it is covered in bramble and thorns, and the steep slope makes it unwelcoming.  But those who venture up and into its midst will find a small, well-fitted door in a stone opening set in the ground inside the dished center of the circle.  This leads quickly down underground, and then along a long, straight path leading to a procession of hundreds of stairs that lead up (presumably under the rise of a hill a half mile away, across the fields) ending at a landing with an alcove to one side and a stout wooden door a few feet beyond.

The magics that were used to enchant the creatures who dug the chambers of this dungeon did not bind them as closely or as precisely as the wizard had hoped.  Although the instructions they were given were straightforward, they could be misinterpreted  And so, the complex took on a strange configuration of unusual hallways and misshapen rooms.  Odd corners and alcoves aplenty turned out to be especially fitting and useful to the new inhabitants.

But do some odd traces of that magic still linger in the stones of the dungeon?

As usual, feel free to use for any non-commercial purpose, or contact me if you’d like to use this on a commercial project.


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