Three Water Geomorphs


Three geomorph maps with the ‘water’ theme for Inked Adventures.  Water has to go through passages, as well, and so it seemed reasonable to me to have some of the passages with water, instead of making a separate watercourse.


You could connect these together, and have a stream flowing through a dungeon, where the footing is treacherous and crossing the water is a peril in and of itself.  Or you could read it as just some slightly flooded passageways with some water on the floor.

The coloring would probably be better if I did it on a computer instead of hand coloring with a blue pencil, but I think it suits just like this.  (And the squares and lines outside the 10 x 10 grid are just the orientation marks on my own page I use for making these; they can be freely ignored.)

In addition to being for the contest, I’ve also sent a copy to Dave’s Mapper. (As such, these are CC licensed for non-commercial reuse with attribution [CC BY-NC 3.0])


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