New Print Proofs


Yesterday’s mail brought the proof copy of the printed map for “The Wilderness of Ordurak.”


This is a 12 x 18 print on poster paper. It’s reasonably glossy (as you can tell from the photo) but not as heavy stock as the SPI map for Alusia (for those of you interested in the comparison); it’s definetely paper, rather than cardstock. It is folded (but then, so was Alusia), but it was shipped in a padded envelope, and it had a couple pieces of thin cardstock to protect it. I think that these should ship fairly well. (And a copy is going to Stephen Peto, who did this map, so we’ll see how shipping to the UK works. I had thought that DT-RPG had a POD site in England, as well, but apparently they print everything in the US and then ship internationally.)

The scifi certificate cards were also in this order, as well.  These are playing card size cards that you can use to keep notes for your games.  Fill in info for special equipment, or use as a small scale character sheet.  Card backs have a hex pattern, which can be used for mapping or other notes.



These will be coming to the Atherwyck House store at DriveThru RPG


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