Exquisite Corpse Dungeon 2


[Note: This article has been repeatedly edited]

There seems to be general disinterest in the added elements I had proposed (that’s why I made that earlier note just preliminary). So we’ll dispense with the extra notes and color, and stick to a simple draw the map program, like before.

There’s a strong component in favor of having more room, but also a couple people who wanted to stick to the same size as before. I think there’s something very comfortable about the 30 x 12 size, so I’m going to propose that anyone who wants more space, let me know, and you can do a DOUBLE entry (30 x 24).  Kevin Campbell is going to make left and right versions of his base grid which everyone can use.  I’ll post that to the G+ group.

Kevin Campbell was also the first to ask to do one of the starting sections, so he’s going to be kicking things off. As soon as he is done, there will be two more to get underway.

If there is a window of time when you are going to be unavailable, let me know, and I’ll try to keep you out of the mix at that time, in order to keep things moving.

Current participant list (will be updated as we go along) italics=currently drawing bold=completed:

  • Kevin Campbell – starter
  • Rodger Thorm
  • Scott Aleric
  • Nate McD
  • Billy Longino
  • David Millar – merger
  • George Gilliam
  • Andrey Makarov
  • Jens Larsen
  • Dyson Logos
  • Benjamin Wenham
  • Matt Bonhoff
  • Andrew Durston
  • Aly B
  • Billiam Babble
  • Franky Borny
  • Josephe Vandel
  • L’Uomo Macchina
  • Matt Widmann
  • Mike Davey
  • Patrick Usher
  • Radek G
  • Sarah Richardson
  • Marc Majcher
  • Ivan Katjurgin
  • Jef Wilkins


If you aren’t already on the list, to sign up to participate in ECD2, send your name to exquisitecorpse @ antherwyck.com with any schedule notes (when you may not be available, so we can keep the process moving along and work around vacations).

To keep it speedy, there will be two tracks of maps going at the same time (left and right side) and maps coming from the bottom going up, and maps from the top going down. So there will be four sections under way at any time, which should make things go faster.

Maps will have connections to the opposite side, as well as to the sections above and below.  Maps drawn for the left column should also have connections to the right side, and maps for the right column should have connections to the left.  Copies of the last row or the last column (one row or column only) of each participant’s map will be passed to the next participant for reference and coordinating the connections to their map.

If you have a preference for which quadrant you want to be in (top, bottom, left, right) note that as well, and we’ll try to accommodate that as much as possible.  Otherwise, it’ll be the random roll for who gets plucked out of the pool next, which seemed to work pretty well on the first one.

Two people will need to volunteer to be the Mergers, who will be the last two contributors.  They will get connections from both top and bottom, and one of those will also have to get a connection from the other side. They will each get to name the starting sections (top and bottom) for their half. They will also get to choose between the two proposed names for their section from the two sections they are connecting (or they can find a way to use both if they like).

As much as possible, it would be good to try to have a 4-5 day turnaround when your turn comes up.  Since a lot of people (including me) have vacations scheduled in the next month, if there are times when you’re not available, let us know that so we can keep things moving, and we’ll schedule around you as best we can.


Size: 30 x 12 grid.  DOUBLE section option (30 x 24) for those who would like to have more room. All maps should be at a scale of 10 foot squares (each square is 10′ x 10′).

When you turn in your dungeon section, please also include a list of the squares (reading left to right, or top to bottom for verticals) where you have connections to the next section (e.g. 5, 11-13, 17, 19). That way the next mapper has a more exact layout to work from. Whether or not you draw your own map on a grid, you need to provide a grid on any connecting sides of your section, to aid the next mapper in connecting their map in.

As was the case for the first ECD, all sections should be Creative Commons licensed CC-BY-SA 4.

Balance, adjustment, and refining:

The first Exquisite Corpse Dungeon was a single pass, with no editing or adjustments after the segments were turned in. However, there were some irregularities and discrepancies in the maps. While those discontinuities are not out of character for an artistic Exquisite Corpse, the desire to be able to use the ECD map as a coordinated mega dungeon makes it worthwhile to allow any pair of adjacent map makers to go back and refine the connection between their two segments. There will also be a round of cleanup, editing, and adjustment before the final version is published, although everyone participating is encouraged to make their map as close to finished as possible.

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