A section from the Dungeon Burime


Not long after the Exquisite Corpse Dungeon wrapped up, I got a couple of pings on the blog being reposted on a Russian language site.  It became (somewhat) clear (thanks to Google Translate) that a group coordinated by Andrey Makarov was putting together their own version of the Exquisite Corpse dungeon to make a “Cartographic Flashmob.”

p3_burime_rodger_thorm_final (1)

Unlike the Exquisite Corpse, where everything was kept under wraps until the whole thing was completed, the Dungeon Burime has periodic reveals as it goes along.  So although it is still going on, my section has been posted already, and I think it’s okay for me to share this with you.

Doing a section rather than a plan view was an interesting change of pace.  I’ve done a couple of section geomorphs for Dave’s Mapper, but I haven’t been especially thrilled with the results.  This was big enough to give me some room to work with, and I think I’m happier with this than any other dungeon sections I’ve drawn, so far.

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  1. The Full Dungeon Burime | Antherwyck House Games Blog Says:

    […] Out of the seven sections in that map, three were drawn by artists who are also contributors for the Exquisite Corpse Dungeon 2.  (Those being section 1 by Andrey Makarov and section 6 by Ivan Katyurgin, as well as my own in section 3.) […]

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