Voronoi Map – Settlement and Wilderness


There’s not a whole lot of progress on the Voronoi map I started a while ago, but this was an interesting exercise, and maybe worth sharing.


This is the same as the previous Voronoi map, but with some new information added.  Each cell of the map that had a village, as well as each town cell and all the cells immediately adjacent to it, were designated as ‘Inhabited,’ and are shaded blue on this map.  Then a buffer of one cell, adjacent to an inhabited cell, was chosen, and anything beyond there (indicated by the red lines on the map) is wilderness.

The rivers (which, for the most part, I’ve chosen to make follow the edges between cells) also act as the buffer, which is why the inhabited area at the bottom center is apparently directly adjacent to a wilderness area, because it’s across the river.

This makes some interesting effects, in terms of where wildness comes surprisingly close to civilization.  I’m also intrigued by how much of the river in the center of the map is buffer region, but then it switches to wilderness.

To me, this starts to set up some character of the region; it suggests where farms might be, and even starts to suggest a couple places that are ‘civilized,’ but where danger might be higher because the wilderness is not that far away.

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