Some Thoughts About the Exquisite Corpse Dungeon 2


As you’ve hopefully seen by now, the Exquisite Corpse Dungeon 2 is out.

My piece (a double section at the bottom-right of the whole map) was one of the starters.  (Since I do the coordination, I need to be a starter, since I end up seeing everything as it comes in.)  With an Exquisite Corpse, the participants are working almost completely blind.  Other than the edgemost row of the previous section that each person saw as their starter, no one saw any of the rest of the map until the entire thing was revealed.


I find it really interesting how patterns and correlations seem to arise in these.  This time, for example, +Kevin Campbell (top-right) and I both independently created shoreline settlements with openings leading back into the depths of the dungeon.  Both of these sections feature freestanding buildings (for Kevin, the village on the shore between the water and the cliffs; for me, the castle on the island) and streams flowing out from the cavern depths.

The first Exquisite Corpse Dungeon had a lot of central axis organization (maybe because it was so vertical in the organizing principle) that carried through many of the sections, although it was often not communicated directly from one section to the next.

In this one, there are things like the clustering of round rooms from L’Uomo Macchina, Dyson Logos, and George G (the first two saw curves at the edge where the two came together, but nothing in Dyson’s piece shows any curved walls, but George’s section nevertheless has a great, round room.  Or, the abundance of colonnaded halls throughout the whole map.  And in several places, there are large rooms that were left to extend across the border between sections.  It’s also interesting to me that several sections open off to the right (the sea/lake/pond/whatever at both the top and bottom right, as well as two other waterways (in Andrew Durston‘s and Billy Longino‘s sections, as well as the lava pit from Jef Wilkins and Patrick Usher), but only one lonely little hallway (in Ivan Katyurgin‘s section) extends to the left, near the bottom of the map.

Some of these are just artifacts of all of us being dungeon map makers, and wanting to put the cool things (like lava and bottomless chasms and so forth) into our map sections.  But I still find it fascinating to pick up on commonalities that crop up, despite the total lack of coordination.  I think the Surrealists who invented the Exquisite Corpse appreciated when that kind of thing happened, as well.

I’m really, really grateful to all the contributors who helped make this such a fantastic project.  As I noted the other day, this blog doesn’t get a lot of traffic usually, and so it was exciting to see such a tsunami of attention to this wonderful little project.

For me, it’s been great fun running this project, and we’ll probably be back with another one early in 2016.

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