Exquisite Corpse City – Ideas

Okay… Despite my better judgement, I’m going to open up an Exquisite Corpse City to run until the end of the year. I wanted to give it a rest until after the new year, but there’s enough interest, and I think, with a few rules in place, it can run without needing too much attention on my part.

I have some guidelines I’ve been thinking about for this since the weekend. So I’ll open this up for discussion, and we’ll try to get everything straightened out in order to start on Friday the 13th (beacause, yeah!)

Proposed Rules

Capturecity Map scale is roughly 10 yards/10 meters/30 feet/5 fathoms/one-half chain per square.

All maps to be *exactly* 1500 x 1500 px (20 x 20 squares) Getting everyone to provide properly and equally sized sections will make management of this a lot easier.

Once a spot is claimed, you have 1 week to complete your section and turn it in, or the spot is forfeit.

Participants can claim multiple spaces, but only 1 at a time, and only 1 per quadrant of the map. A section is open for claim once all the lower numbered adjacent spaces are completed.

Rivers must be continued through any spaces they connect to. If there’s a river coming into your space, you have to extend it to another adjacent space. Likewise with (major) roads. Small ponds are okay, but this won’t be a coastal city, so no ocean/seaside/waterfront.

This will start from the center, then there will be 4 extensions from the 4 sides of that, and then extend on and out.

You will only fill about 3/4ths of the section you draw. The person who draws the next section further out will fill in the rest as part of completing their section. If you are the first to claim a spot adjacent to an unfinished section, you will get that section (not just a strip) that is mostly completed, and will fill that in, along with drawing the section you’ve selected, but leaving about the outermost 1/4 which the next person will fill in, if the city expands that far, or which will be the outskirts if it doesn’t go any farther.

When you turn in your section, you must also provide a name for it.

In the above example, the Black End was the earlier section, and the Red Quarter was done afterwards. Only the participant drawing the outer section can draw a building across section lines (like the Red Castle in the example).

Claims for particular sections can be placed in advance, if there’s a particular location you want, or you can put your name in the pool. I may go random for order of the first ones, but I’ll have a list so you’ll know when it’s getting close to your turn. If you’re going to be unavailable for a while, you can go on hold.

To participate, you have to have a G+ account and check it regularly; all the communication during the map-building will be through there (and afterwards, an email address for contact and followup).

This will be cross-posted to the G+ Exquisite Corpse Dungeon Community, and useful comments posted here will be copied over there (because that’s probably where most of the discussion will be).


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One Response to “Exquisite Corpse City – Ideas”

  1. Dave Kristof Says:

    Interesting! Reminds me of the “work” going on at sito.org!

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