Exquisite Corpse 3 – CITY


Here are the directions for Exquisite Corpse 3 – CITY  SIgn up to participate, and follow the progress as it evolves in the Exquisite Corpse 3 CITY Community on Google+


CapturecityYou will only fill about 3/4ths of the section you draw. The person who draws the next section further out will fill in the rest as part of completing their section. If you are the first to claim a spot adjacent to an unfinished section, you will get that section (not just a strip) that is mostly completed, and will fill that in, along with drawing the section you’ve selected, but leaving about the outermost 1/4 which the next person will fill in, if the city expands that far, or which will be the outskirts if it doesn’t go any farther.  [See diagram for how this might work. In the example, black was the first section drawn (note how it does not extend to the top edge of the section), and then red was drawn afterwards (again, leaving space at the outer edge for the next participant).]

Leaving roads and other connecting elements for other players to build off of is an essential part of the Exquisite Corpse process, but all buildings and other singular features should be complete.  Please don’t draw a building that goes off the edge of a section for the next person to finish.  However, the second participant in any pair of sections may certainly draw a large structure over the dividing line between two sections (again, see example at right).  There is nothing magical about the section lines that means they can’t be crossed; this is only to keep from making things unnecessarily difficult for the follow-up artists.


Map scale is roughly 10 yards/10 meters/30 feet/5 fathoms/2 rods/one-half chain per square.

All maps to be *exactly* 1500 x 1500 px (20 x 20 squares) Getting everyone to provide properly and equally sized sections will make management of this project a lot easier.  Any graphics format (JPG, PNG, TIFF) is acceptable.  Hand-drawn, computer-drawn, and hybrid styles are all allowed.  Because of the way this is structured, you will actually be returning 2 drawings when you return your finished works.  Please send those as two separate image files.

When you turn in your section, you must also provide a name for it.  Keys and legends may be included.  Brief narratives and descriptions are also permissible.  These will be incorporated as an appendix in the final piece.

Unlike the previous Exquisite Corpse projects, this one is open to color as well as black and white imagery.  It will be a more varied and patchwork project than the earlier Dungeons.


The Exquisiste Corpse 3 – CITY project runs from today, 13 November 2015 through the end of the year.

Once a spot is claimed, you have 1 week to complete your section and turn it in, or the spot is forfeit.

Participants can claim multiple spaces, but only 1 at a time, and only 1 per quadrant of the map. (Turn in your first piece before you claim another spot.)  A section is open for claim once all the lower numbered adjacent spaces are completed.  You can either put your name in for a random selection (you’ll get assigned a section when your turn comes up), or you can request a particular section.  I may go random for order of the first ones, but I’ll have a list so you’ll know when it’s getting close to your turn. If you’re going to be unavailable for a while, you can go on hold.

Unlike the Exquisite Corpse Dungeons, there will probably be some midway reveals, so you’ll get to see the center of the City before the whole thing is completed.


This will start from the center, then there will be 4 extensions from the 4 sides of that, and then extend on and out.  The starting diagram map shows the sections, and updated versions of this diagram will be used to identify which section is assigned to each participant.  If this project grows beyond the identified sections, we’ll add more spaces.

The river must be continued through any spaces it connects to. If there’s a river coming into your space, you have to extend it to another adjacent space. Small ponds are okay, but this won’t be a coastal city, so no ocean/seaside/waterfront.


By participating in this project, you agree that your contribution is Creative Commons licensed CC-BY-NC 4.0.  Additionally, you agree to allow Antherwyck House Games permission to include your map in commercially distributed print versions.  (In short, I’d like to make this map available in print through OBS (DriveThruRPG and RPGNow) to further spread these works.  They are going to be priced close to cost, but print products have to be sold, so specific permission for this needs to be provided.)  This is meant to be an opportunity to promote your work, so be sure to include contact info and a blurb for the final version.

To participate, you have to have a G+ account and check it regularly; all the communication during the map-building will be through there (and afterwards, an email address for contact and followup).  This will be cross-posted to the G+ Exquisite Corpse 3 CITY Community, and turn assignments will be posted there.


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