A Section Dungeon


A deep valley with a small keep on one side and a stone hut on the other.  But what is interesting is all that lies beneath the surface.postmap31-b1203map

This turned out rather better than I had expected.  Putting the valley in the middle seems to have helped get it into manageable pieces and break things up.  Tree roots were only penciled in to start, and then, when overtaken by hatch, I figured they’d just be gone.  But I tried with the heavy pen, and that seems to be even better than the original; I’m really happy with that bit.  Unfortunately, the little tree by the stream kind of disappears.

The background could use some help, but it’s workable enough for present purposes.

As usual, feel free to use for any non-commercial purpose, or contact me if you’d like to use this on a commercial project.


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4 Responses to “A Section Dungeon”

  1. Alarian Darkwind Says:

    You don’t by chance have a large version of the Map do you? It’s so small my old eyes can hardly make anything out.

  2. Alarian Darkwind Says:

    Much better. Thanks. Looks great!

    All hail the now defunct DQ Newsletter.

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