The Pit of Creasfryb


The Pit of Creasfryb first appears to be a carved stone archway in a cliff face that frames a natural cave.  There are a couple of branches that slope off from the main passage, but then there is a hallway and descending stairs that are clearly not naturally formed.  This becomes a series of hallways and rooms that wind their way deep into the earth.postmap29-1009map

It is a damp place, with dripping ceilings and wet floors and walls, to the extent that water is running along the floor as one proceeds deeper into the Pit, and there is a catch bay (with the wide stairway down to a pool that catches much of the runoff, and then a sump in the main passageway (with stairs leading down to another pool and then back up on the other side) to help keep water out of the lowest reaches.

This was another dungeon that worked out as a spiral, generally.  But, unlike a some others, there are a couple of opportunities (if you find the secret doors) to follow an alternate path through it.

Another thing that was important for me in this was to keep the levels straight, so things that are reached by different means are all on the same level, after you’ve gone up or down the different flights of stairs (though there’s one error on that front).  The whole thing has a downward spiral going on, as well, as it winds to the center.

This is an older (-ish, for values of old along the period I’ve been posting these maps) map, with a crappy scan and some of the guide lines showing up.  But despite that, it’s still readable enough to be worth sharing.

As usual, feel free to use for any non-commercial purpose, or contact me if you’d like to use this in a commercial fashion.


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