Two Views Mapping the Space


When I started on the recent military perspective map, I just threw blocks at it and let things go where they went.  There was not a planned organization or a backstory to drive it.  The result, so far, has been interesting, though perhaps difficult to read.  The pen shading test I did the other day was just to see if that might help it read better than it did initially.

But, in order to make it playable, I thought that a conventional, top-down style map would be useful for players and GMs to help keep track of where things are located.  These two maps are of the same space, then.  One is the perspective map that helps indicate the (many) different levels in this.  The other is the conventional plan view.


This is still work-in-progress, with more work (including the previously proposed shading ideas, and some coloration to aid in distinguishing levels) to come.  But this is far enough along now that it’s worth sharing at this point.


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    […] a year ago, I posted a pair of maps for a military perspective and a plan view of the same space.  It was an interesting complex of […]

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