Intersection H



Intersection H is closer to the idea in some of the early Intersection series.  There are a couple of clearly long-running hallways that come close to one another, and this knot of chambers and halls is the way of connecting from one to the other.

Of course, there are a couple other passages that connect into this intersection, as well, and a couple rooms that are peripheral to the rest of the ensemble.

The hall of columns is not a neat and orderly space; the columns are irregularly spaced and asymmetrical in the room, and their appearance is more like menhirs than Greek columns.

There are also two large pairs of stone plinths, each much larger than the columns.  One is in the hall of columns and the other in the antechamber to that hall.  All of these are decorated with extensive pictographs/hieroglyphs which wind around each of the plinths.

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