What Should the DragonQuest Retro-Clone Be Called?


DQcoverI’ve opened up the idea of assembling a retro-clone of DragonQuest, but one question to be answered is: What should it be called?

For a long time, I was interested in using the original name for DQ: DragonSlayer (before a now long-forgotten movie of the same name came along, and SPI shifted the name of their FRPG in order to use that title for an equally long-forgotten tie-in game).  DragonSlayer would be a good name with a historical connection to the game, but things have become more complicated.

In the same realm of retro-clones and throwback games and the like, there is now a title called “Crimson Dragon Slayer” by Venger Satanis.  And given the potential for confusion between the two names (as well as the fact that he also publishes through OneBookShelf, as does Antherwyck House Games), that option is now much more problematic.

Also, even among the grognards and the long-time fans of DragonQuest, not a lot of them know the early alternate name, and no one looking for things related to DragonQuest is likely to be looking for things under another name, so it would have very little benefit to have a different name in order for people looking for DQ-related materials to find it.

There is also the Nintendo videogame series called “DragonQuest” that is often a point of confusion.  A new name might help distinguish between the RPG and the videogame, particularly since the latter is still actively being produced and promoted.

There is also the project organized through the Yahoo Groups called DragonQuest Open Source or Open DQ.  But OpenDQ is also a name for a data quality software project.

Retro-clones of other games need to avoid using the name of the original source, because those companies are still in business, and their trademarks for the original title are still active.  That is not the case with DQ.  So a name with “DQ” or “DragonQuest” in the title shouldn’t be challenged on that front.  The videogame might be more of a point of conflict.

So, it seems to be open season for a new name for the game.

This seems completely open for new ideas and discussion, so I hope you will add your suggestions to the mix.


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5 Responses to “What Should the DragonQuest Retro-Clone Be Called?”

  1. thorsdigest Says:

    Not to mention the confusion with Dairy Queen.

    You could extend the Poor Brendan IP somehow. Poor Brendan’s Quest, or Grimoire, or something.

    DQHack might be usable as a placeholder till something better strikes.

  2. Andreas Davour Says:

    I would suggest the Nintendo game returns 10 times as many hits on most search engines, so that’s where the potential conflict lies.

    The question would be if the audience overlap in any shape or form?

    I think it would be a good idea to have a new name in any case, since it wont be the same game, but another one. But, it would make some sense to have a connection to the old one.

    I have nothing against Poor Brendan, but it sounds needlessly limiting and confusing. Who? What? The game is not about Brendan…

  3. John Corey Says:

    SPI Quest?

  4. Alarian Darkwind Says:

    How about Dwagon Qwest or Dragoon Quest. It would nice to somehow be able to keep the DQ aspect of the name.

    (note,those names were a bit of a joke). DQ Adventures?

  5. Nerun Says:

    WyrmQuest? LizardQuest?

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