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Intersection O

May 26, 2016


Circles and spirals were obviously what was behind this map.  And, it seems there was maybe something in the water, since Matt Jackson also posted a very circle-y map earlier this week, as well.  This was still in process at the time, but I shared an in-process version, just for comparison.

The latest couple maps have been exploring the idea of interrupting a long, continuous hallway; in this case, the arcing diagonal hall is broken with a large circle, and various smaller halls and rooms spin off from the various paths.

This is a little bit out of sequence, but I think last week was supposed to be the next post, so things got messed up anyhow.  So, enjoy this one, and there will be a new one next week to get back on schedule.


Gafton City Map

May 25, 2016


This city map from an old DragonQuest campaign recently turned up during some sorting.  It was a preliminary sketch, and far from completely worked out.  A few key locations are identified, and some general notes about other areas are pencilled in.

The Castle sits atop a rocky hill, commanding the highest ground in the area, and two lower hills and the intervening valleys make up the terrain occupied by the city. Wider, longer hachures are to indicate hills, and the shorter, tighter ones are more cliff-like.  Two large bridges have been built to span the valleys and connect other parts of the city to the center.

Gafton is a city with a population of around 24,000 located in a high plains/mountain foothills setting (think of someplace sort of like Denver CO).  It is one of a number of city-states in the region. There are rivalries and alliances between these city-states which keep the area politically turbulent.

Populations tend to cluster more than typical because the outlying areas are very wild and hazardous to travel through.  Dangerous beasts and great monsters are prevalent, as well as the numerous mercenary companies who cross the region in service to the princes of the cities.

Intersection J

May 4, 2016


Experimenting with some alternative textures for the cavern walls and a bit more interesting layout with the bridge and stairways in the Sand Cavern.

This is a bit more constrained in the ways the two passages are connected, with the Sand Cavern being the nexus to get from one passage to the other (unless you locate the secret passage connecting the two side rooms).  The rooms are almost all subsidiary to the passages, rather than being interconnected in the way some other Intersections have been.

Spaceship Control Panel Dice Drop Table

May 2, 2016

Panel Capture

Some while back, I was looking at a site somewhere that had engineering diagrams of the controls for the early NASA spacecraft.  I had also recently been introduced to the concept of the dice drop table, and it struck me that something like the Apollo control panel, with its different sections of switches and gauges and indicators, would make a pretty cool dice drop panel.

I made some of the components for this a few months ago, and then started getting it all pulled together in the past couple weeks.  I was almost ready to post it last week, but it wasn’t quite ready.  Then, over the weekend, a Gizmodo article about all kinds of spaceship controls (and not just NASA ones) was circulating around, so the timing on this is great.

You can compare the one I made to the Apollo panel diagram and see what I was inspired by and decide for yourself how well the table matches with it.

You can get the 8-1/2 x 11 PDF Spaceship Panel Dice Drop Table as a pay-what-you-want download from OBS.  (That includes free, if you just want to download it and check it out.)