Spaceship Control Panel Dice Drop Table


Panel Capture

Some while back, I was looking at a site somewhere that had engineering diagrams of the controls for the early NASA spacecraft.  I had also recently been introduced to the concept of the dice drop table, and it struck me that something like the Apollo control panel, with its different sections of switches and gauges and indicators, would make a pretty cool dice drop panel.

I made some of the components for this a few months ago, and then started getting it all pulled together in the past couple weeks.  I was almost ready to post it last week, but it wasn’t quite ready.  Then, over the weekend, a Gizmodo article about all kinds of spaceship controls (and not just NASA ones) was circulating around, so the timing on this is great.

You can compare the one I made to the Apollo panel diagram and see what I was inspired by and decide for yourself how well the table matches with it.

You can get the 8-1/2 x 11 PDF Spaceship Panel Dice Drop Table as a pay-what-you-want download from OBS.  (That includes free, if you just want to download it and check it out.)


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