Gafton City Map



This city map from an old DragonQuest campaign recently turned up during some sorting.  It was a preliminary sketch, and far from completely worked out.  A few key locations are identified, and some general notes about other areas are pencilled in.

The Castle sits atop a rocky hill, commanding the highest ground in the area, and two lower hills and the intervening valleys make up the terrain occupied by the city. Wider, longer hachures are to indicate hills, and the shorter, tighter ones are more cliff-like.  Two large bridges have been built to span the valleys and connect other parts of the city to the center.

Gafton is a city with a population of around 24,000 located in a high plains/mountain foothills setting (think of someplace sort of like Denver CO).  It is one of a number of city-states in the region. There are rivalries and alliances between these city-states which keep the area politically turbulent.

Populations tend to cluster more than typical because the outlying areas are very wild and hazardous to travel through.  Dangerous beasts and great monsters are prevalent, as well as the numerous mercenary companies who cross the region in service to the princes of the cities.


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