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Intersection M

June 29, 2016


This is another one of the early maps.  Unlike most of the others in the series, there are connections between passages that allow access through this complex without going through any of the rooms.

Spherical Grid – Experiment #1

June 21, 2016

After a wonderful partial map posted by Kevin Campbell a couple weeks ago [here on Google+], I did some looking and found a couple blank map forms*.  They aren’t wonderful quality (too dark and heavy), but they’ll still do for doodling.


So this is a quick and dirty try at using the spherical box blank.  It’s little more than a five-minute map, but it’s one experiment at finding an interesting way to use the form.  It’s enough to justify messing around some more later on. (more…)

Astrolabe of the Bees – GameChef draft

June 16, 2016

I thought I’d give Game Chef a shot this year even though I didn’t have a lot of available time.  But, ultimately, there wasn’t enough inspiration and enough time to work it all out in the short period available.  So this is just an incomplete, preliminary draft of some first thoughts (plus the half-page chart idea).

astrolabe card

The general ideas behind the game were to have a game in which bees are seeking to develop technology in order to improve their hive.  But how this is expressed and what the steps of play are -even whether this is a solo game, almost like a hex crawl RPG, or whether it could be a multi player game (either competitive or cooperative)- and what other levels might also fit in.

The reason for posting this is to see if there are some ideas that are good enough to resonate with others.  Maybe someone reading this will have some comments about the idea andit’ll turn into a collaboration, or just some general ideas will resonate with someone else, and the discussion will help push things along a little more.


Intersection L

June 15, 2016


The graphic experiment in this map was the (relative) ghosting of the secret rooms as a lighter appearance, without the heavy line delineating the other rooms and hallways.

The rooms are also more random and irregular, even compared to each other.  The whole thing may not come together as some others in this series, but then, this was actually one of the earliest ones.

Intersection K

June 1, 2016


This map is very deliberately intended to be not just an intersection between a couple different passageways, but to specifically be a location for an encounter to take place (Balrog optional).

Graphically, this one’s different than the others in the series.  I’ve generally settled on a style I’ve been using for most of the series (I love Dyson-style hatching as much as the next mapper, but some variety is good), but it’s not an absolute requirement for these, and I’ll likely do some other variants later on.

This map, along with the next few in the coming weeks, were drawn for this series at the end of 2015, but got scanned and put away in a different folder, so they fell out of the posting sequence until I recently came across them.  I’ve already jumped out of sequence with Intersection O, the previous post in the series.