Soundtrack for Space: 1969


I think we’re going to stick with ‘Moon Station Zvezda’ as the title for the space game project.  But Thor mentioned an alternate title of Space: 1969, and that’s very, very good, as well.

However, my main question here is to solicit appropriate tunes for a soundtrack for a space-based game set in the early 70s.  What kind of things would you recommend?

The scenario is located (in the current iteration of the timeline) in 1973, but things into the mid 70s are probably okay, since it is an alternate timeline.  And it doesn’t have to be 100-percent of the time period, if there’s something more recent that nonetheless evokes the sense of the era.


6 Responses to “Soundtrack for Space: 1969”

  1. stephenpeto Says:

    101 Strings – Astro Sounds from Beyond the Year 200. One track off this is Flameout

  2. stephenpeto Says:

    Kai Rautenberg – Moon Mission

  3. stephenpeto Says:

    The Dirty Filthy Mud – Forest of Black

  4. stephenpeto Says:

    Nektar – Journey into the Centre of the Eye

  5. stephenpeto Says:

    I think that’s enough, otherwise I’ll get carried away!

  6. Stephen M Says:

    Released 1969, David Bowie’s Space Oddity!

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