Podcasts – Sept 2019


Having a little impromptu conversation about the DragonQuest community earlier today, and that prompted a couple of thoughts.  One, that I will save to expound on later, is considering a re-start of the DragonQuest Newsletter.  Post Google+ implosion, there has not been a good central community for DQ discussions.  There are a number of social media platforms, and many of the communities that found traction with common interests don’t fare as well as standalone communities.

I’m not sure if podcasts serve to replace those communities, but they are, for me, at least, a better gateway to the wider range of things going on in gaming circles, even if there’s not a specific one related to DQ.

Here are a few gaming-related podcasts I’ve become a somewhat regular listener to, and which might be of interest to some readers here. These work for me; YMMV

Thought Eater
(https://anchor.fm/thoughteater) – I was at least peripherally connected to Froth back in the days of G+, and more recently found him now making podcasts, as well as keeping a very useful blog (https://frothsofdnd.blogspot.com/)  Engaging discussion of topics, especially the Humpday Blog-o-Rama episodes which have become a Wednesday staple for me.

(https://anchor.fm/plundergrounds) – Found this partly through mentions on Thought Eater, and also another contact I think I had from G+.  Ray’s stuff is shorter episodes usually.

Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff
(http://www.kenandrobintalkaboutstuff.com/) – Not sure where I first came across this, and it took me a while to warm to it (like all of these, really).  Learning a podcast’s rhythms is part of what helps get it onto your rotation.  And knowing what things don’t overlap with your own Venn circle lets you keep it from being annoying if the topic is something that’s just not in your wheelhouse.

(https://anchor.fm/sword-breaker) – The most recent addition to my list; still getting to know the topics and angles, but good enough to warrant a recommendation.

RPG PanelCast
(http://genesisoflegend.podbean.com/) – This was perhaps the first game-related podcast I started listening to.  Quality of the audio can be hit-or-miss since these are recordings of live panels at various conventions, and not everyone is well set up to speak clearly for this.  Audience questions are often lost, but the good moderators or panelists will repeat a question before answering.  Sometimes very interesting topics.

Roll for Topic
(https://www.gmdiscussions.com/) – A local podcast with a number of people I know personally including one of the hosts and several of the guests. Focusing on talking to GMs about running games.

All of these are linked to the show websites, most of which I’d never seen before.  Having come across program titles, I’ve added them to my podcatcher and started listening to them over time. I’ve been a regular podcast listener for 6 or 7 years now, and have built up a number of programs on a variety of topics that I listen to regularly.  If you aren’t a podcast listener, it might take a bit more to get into these on a regular basis

The Anchor-based podcasts have a whole interlinked community with call-in features, and, for me, that’s starting to carry the kind of flavor I felt with G+ back in the day.  I’m not (at least as I think of myself these days) a call-in kind of participant, and I’m not inclined to start a podcast of my own. But I find them enjoyable and useful, and I have some interactions with some of them in other ways.

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2 Responses to “Podcasts – Sept 2019”

  1. Wilhelm Fitzpatrick Says:

    Speaking of Anchor, I’ve been enjoy Judd Karlman’s “Daydreaming about Dragons” https://anchor.fm/daydreaming-about-dragons

    You may know him from G+ or his blog, Githyanki Diaspora

  2. Darren Breidigan Says:

    Thanks Rodger, I am still checking out options for some sort of collaboration space. I started a Github account which can be used for all of the non-proprietary DQ stuff that I have found.

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